Pipette Calibration Services

ISO 17025

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All of our test equipment is NIST traceable and we utilize the latest pipette calibration equipment available (6 Decimal Place). Our calibration process is based on the ISO 8655 standard and our documented internally audited process assures quality for each calibration we perform. We offer calibration\repair services on all brands of pipettes.

We offer a choice of services: pick-up and delivery, service at your site, or shipping to and from our Service Depot.


Complete a Service Request Form Today!

Complete an ISO 17025 Service Request Form Today!

All Calibration Levels Include:

Yes Interior and Exterior Cleaning Yes Functional Check
Yes Replacement of worn parts (parts extra if not 'Plus') Yes Calibrations completed in a Controlled Environment
Yes Test Equipment is NIST Traceable Yes Sticker Affixed - Calibration Date, Due Date, Signature
Yes Quick Turn-around Time Guaranteed Yes One Year Warranty

We carry a large amount of pipette part inventory to offer you a fast turn-around time.


Single Channel Pipettes

LABpro tries to keep things simple by offering three basic levels Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Bronze 5 Samples Low/High  
Bronze Plus 5 Samples Low/High Includes Seal/Oring  
Silver 5 Samples Low/Mid/High Certificate  
Silver Plus 5 Samples Low/Mid/High Certificate Includes Seal/Oring  
Gold 10 Samples Low/Mid/High As Found Certificate  
Gold Plus 10 Samples Low/Mid/High As Found Certificate Includes Seal/Oring
Note: Plus only applies to Gilson Pipetman units.

Please contact us for current pricing.


Multi-Channel Pipettes

Multi-channel pipettes like any precision instrument need proper servicing to perform at their best. With our NEW Multi-Channel service options our hope is to adapt our service to fit your needs. If you don't see what you are looking for, LABpro would be glad to customize an option that meets your needs.

Bronze 3 Channels 5 Samples Low/High  
Silver 3 Channels 5 Samples Low/Mid/High Certificate  
Gold 3 3 Channels 10 Samples Low/Mid/High As Found Certificate
Gold 8 8 Channels 10 Samples Low/Mid/High As Found Certificate
Gold 12 12 Channels 10 Samples Low/Mid/High As Found Certificate

Please contact us for current pricing.


Onsite Pipette Calibration

Have too many pipettes to ship? Don't want to have to wait for your pipettes to be calibrated and shipped back? No problem, we will come to you. On-site service reduces instrument downtime and maximizes productivity while eliminating shipping charges. Our mobile calibration stations will come to your facility and perform pipette calibrations and repair services on all makes and models.

Please contact us for more information. We would be glad to offer you references from previous onsite clinics done across Canada.


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